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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the California Trade Network?
  2. Why was the California Trade Network developed?
  3. Does it cost anything to register?
  4. How does the California Trade Network work?
  5. Is the California Trade Network part of the government?
  6. I’m with a company in a different State or Country, can I get an account?
  7. What is the California International Business Directory?

What is the California Trade Network?

The California Trade Network is an emerging community of professionals in California with international business interests. The software for a business/social network has been developed to allow unrestricted communication among and between members of this community. and a trade opportunity matching system has been developed that can deliver relevant and timely international opportunities to this community.

Why was the California Trade Network developed?

California has representatives of virtually every nationality, ethnic group and country in the world, plus we have expertise in every area of business, industry and technology. We always thought that if a way could be found for internationally-oriented companies in this state to work together then we would be virtually unstoppable. The problem is that we simply don't know each other so we developed a system to facilitate communication and collaboration among our members. We also found that their was no central registry for these internationally oriented companies and professionals so we put together one of the most sophisticated international business profiling system available anywhere on the internet.

Does it cost anything to register?

No, registration is completely free for any company or professional in California. This free registration gives you an international business profile (that you can change at any time), unrestricted communication with other members, access to discussion forums, and even trade opportunity matching. The only fee-based part of this service is a small number of trade opportunities that we have classified as premium content. We encourage members to upgrade to a professional account so they can access this premium content, and also support the service for those who are not able to pay.

How does the California Trade Network work?

After your account has been approved, you should log in and edit your profile. This will allow you to add up to 10 industries or trade countries (i.e. countries where you have expertise or where you wish to do business) and languages if you are multilingual. This information will form the basis of your international business profile and will be used to help find matching trade opportunities. It will also help people find you more easily on the Internet, and to know your interests and expertise. In addition, your profile allows you to enter communication services you use including your Skype address and the major instant messengers. This information is available to other members but is not visible in your public profile on the Internet. When visitors to your international profile wish to contact you they do so through a special form that is sent to a special in your account, avoiding the possibility of spam.

Is the California Trade Network part of the government?

No, this is a small business, private sector initiative and we have nothing to do with the government. Please see the Government Services menu for the information we have about active government programs.

I'm with a company in a different State or Country, can I get an account?

This service was designed for the benefit of California firms and professionals, and we are not offering free accounts to foreign and out-of-State companies at this time. Paid accounts are available to foreign firms, but we ask that you contact us first as this is a new network and we don't want to set your expectations too high. As a good-will gesture to our friends in other countries, we are sponsoring the International Business on Ryze, which has a completely open registration. We are currently implementing a system where foreign companies can contact our members, and will soon be releasing a universally available system that uses this technology.

What is the California International Business Directory?

This is a specially complied directory of California companies know to be involved in international business- import, export or support services. Unlike with the collaboration portal this is not an "opt in" service- rather we take the rights of journalist in publishing this information, thought we honor all requests to "opt out". While we collect the email addresses of the company and some of those officers involved in international business, we do not publish that information on the internet, though we do publish other information including the company's website address- by definition public. A form on the portal lets anyone "opt in" - i.e. get a listing directory and the technology lets you edit any of the information that is displayed. We are currently upgrading this directory with more complete content.