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 General Business Discussions

This is an open discussion forum for international business in California. It is intended to be a place where we can share ideas, information and resources that will help our members develop and secure international business.

California Economy & Politics

This is a moderated forum to discuss California Economy and Politics, especially as they relate to international business. Since political discussions are permitted on this RoundTable, we ask that members be polite and repectful of different viewpoints. Please feel free to express your opinions and thoughts on this subject here.

International Business Opportunities

This Roundtable is where we are posting the highest quality, and most "interesting "international business opportunities" from our sources- i.e. the "cherry picks". Members are encouraged to post ideas and suggestions on how we might secure that business. These suggestions could be ideas on other companies or groups that might be suppliers, or ideas of how a team could be organized to secure the business.

Suggestion Box/Feedback

Share your ideas about how to turn this platform into a strong trading engine