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International Business Profile

Renato Beninatto

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Organization: Common Sense Advisory
Industries:Business & Professional Services
Trade Countries:Brazil
Languages:Portuguese, Spanish

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Leading Research
Sometimes you have to trust your gut. But business globalization and localization requires informed decision-making. You only have one chance to make a first impression…put your best foot forward. Understand your market, be in the know, and make informed decisions. From proprietary independent research to customized market data tools you can use, Common Sense Advisory puts the research you need to succeed in a global environment at your fingertips. Sample our research now.

Individual Consultation
Our analysts have been there. And when we say there – we mean everywhere. Spanning countless industries, product segments, and continents, our experts are at your disposal for individualized global business consultation. Whether you’re moving product across borders or seeking translation services – we’re available for quick advice or long-term consultation and research projects. Try us on for size. Ask our analysts now.

Industry Commentary
Be the first to know. The industry evolves daily through practitioners’ advances, tool and service improvements, conferences, and mergers and acquisitions. We comment on these happenings, both in reports and timely Quick Takes on events as they happen. Sample our commentary now.