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Gerard Rossman

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Organization: ROSSCOTT
Industries:Business & Professional Services
Trade Countries:Bahamas, Bermuda


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ROSSCOTT is committed to equipping and empowering our clients to gain that competitive advantage. Our goal is to offer relevant, valuable and comprehensive methods that result in our clients achieving: greater market share, personal employee stakeholdership, corporate brand recognition, true customer loyalty and retention.

We provide exceptional partnership services to our clients by focusing on their needs, gaining an in-depth understanding of their operations and working with the client to create an effective value-based campaign.


Sustainability: We work diligently to grow and maintain a constant state of growth for the company, so that your company continuously increases its reach.

Stability: We share keen insights and observational experience with you, to keep your company at a comfortable pace of development.

Adaptability: We view ourselves as facilitating an environment for growth. That means that our goal is not to determine the direction of your company, but rather, it means that we work with you to determine the direction of your company; empowering your personnel with their own personal vision that will contribute to the overall objective of your company.

Facilitation: We work with you to determine the direction of your company and empowering your personnel.

Focus: We help to keep the corporate goals that you set fro your company, ever before the mind and eyes of your personnel, through workshops, seminars and coaching events

Partnership: ROSSCOTT exists to assist you in growing your business and to that end we dedicate our time, effort, experience, resources and skill to meet with success. We are your committed partner, devoted to your success.



Rob Gordon Jul 26, 2005

Hi Gerard- thanks for posting such a great professional profile- if I was a bit more well heeled I certainly would hire you. Please let me know what you think of what we are doing here. Best. Rob