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International Business Profile

Kathy Long, PhD

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Organization: Optima Consulting, ORG, Inc.
City:Mountain View
Industries:Education & Training
Trade Countries:United States

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Optima Consulting works cross culturally and internationally to tune your company's culture, leadership, and structure to best support its business strategy. We specialize in intercultural and global business issues. We will tune your culture, leadership, and structure to optimally support your organization's strategy resulting in:

*More results from your available resources
*A work environment which can attract and retain the best talent
*Highly effective execution of your strategy

Dr. Long's multi-faceted background provides the breadth and depth to take on the complex issues facing leaders today. For over 25 years, she has been helping people and organizations improve their performance. She has been on the front lines as a founding executive in a software startup, a foundation president, and an internal senior staff consultant for a Fortune 500 company. Her work has taken her throughout the world to places like Taiwan, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Her education combines the behavioral sciences to enable a deep understanding of both individual and system-wide issues. She earned a Masters degree in Human Development with an emphasis in perception and cognition as it relates to decision-making and behavior.

Her grounded theoretical research in human and organizational systems with its practical application to problem-solving in business culminated in a Ph.D. from the Fielding Graduate University.

Her trans-disciplinary background contributes to the practical and innovative solutions she brings to her clients
Her skills and experience enable her to quickly gain insight and understanding into the complexity of organizational issues in order to identify high leverage points to target scarce resources.



Rob Gordon Jul 26, 2005

Hi Kathy- thanks for posting such an interesting business profile here- what a great background. Please let me know what you think about what we are doing here. Best. Rob