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Jim Stewart

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Organization: The Granite Group
City:Huntington Beach, California United States
Industries:Business & Professional Services, Health & Medical, Wholesale Trade
Trade Countries:World wide, United States

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The Granite Group offers a wide selection of medical equipment and supplies to the North American and International market place. By going to our web site: you will see the range of items we present at significant discounts. Granite is the medical asset manager for many North American hospitals and presents all items to you the buyers as they come out of service from hospitals. Equipment can be sold AS-IS or refurbished as you require. Supplies are sold as available and are discounted by 50% or more.

Contact The Granite Group for more information or go to our web site:



Rob Gordon Jul 01, 2004

Hi Jim- thanks for checking this out. I am really excited about this technology and am just today starting to invite a bunch of people for the beta test. I will talk to you soon! Cheers. Rob