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Gabriel Dutu

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Title:Economic Consul
Organization: Consulate General of Romania
City:Los Angeles
Industries:Trade Promotion
Trade Countries:Romania

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The Economic Office of the Consulate General of Romania serves as a bridge between the Western United States and Romania, and promotes partnerships and expansion of trade among businesses operating in the two locales. Our objectives are achieved by providing companies in Romania and the Western US with up-to-date information on industry trends, identifying investment opportunities, and fulfilling requests to locate potential strategic partners. The office also facilitates partnerships by organizing official visits to and from Romania, as well as by arranging business trips, meetings, and conferences for companies in both countries. ROMANIA + Romania is a politically stable country, one of the most recent members of NATO, with one of the highest literacy rates in Southeastern Europe. Romania is looking forward to joining the European Union in 2007, and is one of the few European countries to have strongly supported the United States in the Second Gulf War. + Romania offers highly qualified software programmers who provide an alternative to technology outsourcing to the Far East. Additionally, Romania is increasing its exports of consumer goods to western economies. On the entertainment front, Romania has a burgeoning film industry and has provided locations and technical support for a number of western film productions, including the recently-released Cold Mountain. SUBCONTRACTING/CONTRACT MANUFACTURING OPPORTUNITIES 1. Textile and apparel 2. Footwear and other leather goods 3. Electronic and electrical products and equipment 4. Fabricated metal products 5. Petroleum processing 6. Chemical and petrochemical equipment 7. Industrial machinery and equipment 8. Car parts 9. Aircraft components and parts 10. Shipbuilding 11. Chemicals and allied products 12. Design 13. Software development 14. Printing 15. Furniture and other wood products 16. Joint venture operations in geology, mining, oil & gas, and construction.



Rob Gordon Dec 20, 2004

Hi Gabriel, I appreciate your interest in both this, and the California Trade Network database. This service is just getting started so please let me know what you think. Cheers. Rob