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Allen Stansbury

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Title:Managing Director
Organization: Stansbury & Bara Consulting
City:Bucharest, Romania
Trade Countries:Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania

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Stansbury & Bara Consulting is a Romanian Company Headquartered in Bucharest Providing Management Consulting Services to Public and Private Sectors in the Balkan Region. The firm is partly owned by Stansbury Consulting Services of Cotati, California. Working hand in hand with the client Stansbury & Bara Consulting designs and installs practical, effective management systems and controls to enable clients meet their objectives. The approach may include: Assessment and evaluation of the organization Propose management and staffing changes Proposed change in work assignments Propose technical equipment to increase productivity Propose addition or relocation of facilities Assist in resource development Management training and curriculum development To accomplish this, Stansbury & Bara Consulting provides a wide range of services including: Management Organizational and Business development Marketing, marketing research and other marketing services Communications and external affairs Human Resource and Human Resource Management Systems To implement changes Stansbury & Bara provides training and on-site technical assistance.



Rob Gordon Jul 06, 2005

Hi Allen, thanks for checking the out. You've got a great background and a great profile. I'd love to do business in Romania and Eastern Europe someday. Please let me know what you think of this site, and if you are one of the brave souls maybe you could consider posting a pic.